Nola Hennessy is a favorite guest on Starstyle®. From Australia, Nola traveled throughout the US on a recent book tour and will be reporting on how the outcome of the US elections will influence the expansion of her Serenidad Consulting.  Nola Hennessy returns to Starstyle®-Be the Star You Are!® with the latest news of publishing her award winning books, No Boxing Allowed, and PMS to PMA through her own company. Nola wrote several articles for media and is gearing up for further media contact during the US Winter months. Nola was delighted to take some time out and accept two further book awards at a Hollywood awards ceremony on Oct 29 – Southern California Book Festival awards for both No Boxing Allowed and sequel From PMS to PMA; and talk to Dawn Paul of Houston Style Magazine about award-winning From PMS to PMA.


The long awaited election outcome has also been of particular focus for Nola. Whilst listening in to the debates and election coverage, including enjoying dinner with a friend at the historic Driskill Hotel in Austin TX on election night, the Democrats’ return to office is paving a positive path for Serenidad Consulting’s expansion into the USA. Amid focused decision-making activity and strategic partnering meetings in October, most noteworthy is Nola’s recent decision to fully publish, print and distribute her current and future books from Australia, thus strengthening the alignment of her books with the company’s global peace negotiation and education activities. Nola believes this outcome will ensure that profits arising from the sale of her books can be channelled to exactly the right recipients, including US and global environmental, medical, arts, humanitarian and not-for-profit entities.


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