An expanding waistline is often the curse of middle age. Visceral fat is hazardous to your health. Numerous studies show a correlation between a large waist and a higher risk of death, even among people who aren’t overweight. Crunches and sit-ups don’t work. Diet and exercise together help. The danger zone: a 35 inch waist or larger waist for women or 40 inch or larger for men. Heather Brittany gives important information in Heath Matters.

Is your child considering college? Cynthia Brian helps you get through the admissions madness with a step by step guide for college prep. This fall, Idealist is bringing hundreds of graduate schools to 17 cities across the country. If you’ve been thinking of applying, this is a great opportunity to meet in person with admissions staff from a variety of programs. These fairs are free. click on this link. :Please share this invitation with friends or colleagues who may also have grad school in mind.

Fall harvest! Could any two words evoke more delicious memories? From mouth-watering tomatoes to plump purple eggplants, crisp tangy apples, and sunflowers on the sundeck, September is a cornucopia of scrumptious freshness ripe with expectation.  If you hoed a spring garden, or have been tending a fruit orchard for a few years, this is the season of plenty. Cynthia Brian walks through the fields for a picking a harvest homecoming.

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